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Article posted on Tuesday, March, 8th, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Dr. Nancy Berk   (4 comments)

I knew my friend Akil Bello, a test prep expert, was onto something big when he tweeted the following brilliant message today…

Word of the day: turpitude – wickedness, vice, vileness, wrongdoing…CBS fired Charlie Sheen for moral turpitude. #vocab #life #SAT #GRE

I’m now hoping we can partner to create a surefire way to increase SAT vocabulary scores in a socially relevant way–


Here’s a sneak preview of some other winning cards.

SAT Word: Peculate – embezzle or steal: A fancy schmancy jeweler has accused Lindsay Lohan of peculating a necklace.

SAT Word: Chanteuse – a female singer of popular songs: My dog’s howling suggests Kim Kardashian is no chanteuse.

SAT Word: Simper – smile coquettishly, smirk, giggle: Victoria Beckham rarely simpers.

SAT Word: Peckish – hungry: I strongly suspect every emaciated Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, New York City, New Jersey, Orange County, Washington D.C., and Atlanta,  is a bit peckish.

More to come, after I phone TMZ, Dictionary.com, and College Board. I feel a start-up coming on…

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  • Contumacious—stubbornly preverse: A test prep expert reviews his vocabulary list for the SATs and becomes contumacious, designing media savvy definitions.

  • Love it Ina!

  • Back in the day when I used to teach HS English, this was exactly how we learned vocabulary. My students STILL remember the words and they remind me of that via Facebook all the time. Great post!

  • Thx John! How great that your students FB you–and appreciate your fun approach to learning.

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