The SAT Faces Reality

Article posted on Thursday, March, 17th, 2011 at 4:51 pm by Dr. Nancy Berk   (3 comments)

Just when I thought my TMZ/SAT prep idea for Celebrity Vocab Flashcards might be rejected by the cerebral, the College Board gave me hope. Last Saturday, some SAT-takers were given an essay prompt about (gasp!) reality television. While struggling students’ complaints have never been more than “That was hard. Guess I’ll take it again.”, brainiac non-tv testees whined about the reality show prompt like it was Mensa sabotage. Sorry Smartee Pants, I know you’ve won all the science fairs and can answer every question on the SAT and Jeopardy (Oh wait, that’s right, you don’t watch tv.), but throw someone else a bone every now and then. It’s equal opportunity time. Give the kid who can identify a jello shot a chance. Times are changing. This past Monday, Tiger Moms everywhere raced their kids through piano recitals and fencing lessons so they didn’t miss The Bachelor’s Season Finale. Give everyone a rose. SATs have joined the real world where it helps to be well-read but only if you also watch the ill-bred.

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  • Gail M. Forrest

    OMG not only did I tank the SATs when I took them because they were filled with “word analogies” and I knew about 4 words to say nothing of math which made me sweat and feel nauseaous – I would lose again because I know nothing about reality TV. What “Bachelor?’ I’m still doomed.

  • Michael at CC4theRestofUs

    I’m hoping that the next SAT question is “What if Paul Revere had had unlimited texting?” Thank you for bringing much needed humor into the college planning conversation!

  • Dr. Nancy Berk


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