Wake Up Calls

Article posted on Thursday, March, 10th, 2011 at 1:05 pm by Dr. Nancy Berk   (4 comments)

Yesterday when Reuters Life! reported the unusual tactic taken by more than a few high schools to combat absenteeism, I laughed like everyone else. Automated wake-up calls from the school principal seemed a little intrusive. Five seconds later I stopped laughing and tried to sneak my son’s phone number into the data base of Durfee High School in Fall River, Mass, but they must have recognized our area code. Our high school only uses the “robo-call” system for school delays and cancellations, but now I’m on a mission to change that. Hiltons and Holiday Inns consider wake-up calls a feature, so what’s not to embrace? Parents everywhere would be spared the early morning teen attitudes as educational establishments step up to the plate and play the 6:30 a.m. bad guy. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism in place for follow-up like tossing off covers or idle threats. Of course my senior will be left to his own devices once he’s in college. Maybe by then NYU’s Dean of Students will have the Freshman Class on robo-speed dial.


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  • Lapidus

    I love this idea! Principal wake-up calls should start in kindergarten!

  • You’re right! They’d know nothing different and we’d be spared years of bickering.

  • Sadly, seems like this is a service waiting to happen at colleges. Maybe they’ll put a speaker in dorm rooms so a voice can boom in at 8 AM! Actually, could be a fantastic way to sell ads…this wake up call (voiced by Mr. T) was sponsored by AT&T 🙂

  • You’ll probably retire on this one!!!

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