Graduation: The Benefits Of Marrying Up

Article posted on Saturday, May, 28th, 2011 at 1:00 pm by Dr. Nancy Berk   (4 comments)

This month marks many milestones because I am “Mega Graduation Mom”. Last week, our older son Dan graduated from NYU and next week his brother will graduate from high school. We are on the Graduation Train and learning lots of lessons along the way. Yesterday, sitting in the last high school awards’ ceremony of my parental career, I was struck by the benefits of marrying up. My attention was sharp, my camera was charged, and I was bright eyed and bushy tailed because my son was a “B”.

“Hunter Berk.”

I snapped the photo and then caught his friends that followed. My hands were sore from over-clapping and we were only on the G’s. C and D parents snuck out approximately eight minutes after they’d cheered on their progeny. Hello–You tried to be inconspicuous, but we saw you. Yes, it was boring at times, but we clap until our knuckles bleed because that’s what W’s and Beyond do (I was a “Woodward” until I married a “Berk”). End-Of-The-Alphabet people learn the lesson of patience. We know what it’s like to have to wait forever and be camera ready for a dwindling audience with compromised clapping. We are the reason pomp and circumstance takes so long–we’ve been cheering for you! Now we’re bringing up the rear, waiting for recognition and applause, and a little pomp. Cue the fireworks!

Note: This post is dedicated to my childhood friends Cheryl Yotch and Helene Zalonski who never made me feel like I was last. Thank you my friends. You made being at the end of the line pretty sweet. ♡




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  • I married a W so I know what you mean.  As an independent college counselor and mother of five kids, I have attended many graduations.  I always feel badly about the students at the end of the alphabet when the crowd thins out and
    the students do not receive the attention they should.  It is not good etiquette on the part of parents, nor are they serving as very good role models. 

    College Direction

  • Thanks Susie! I agree!

  • Akil

    Sorry i don’t understand this post…


    Akil Bello

  • LOL. Is that because you’re a “B” and left the building?

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