5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The (Almost) Empty Nest Dad

Article posted on Wednesday, June, 15th, 2011 at 10:42 am by Dr. Nancy Berk   (No comments)


Cash-strapped and college-bound? Give Dad the Father’s Day gift he needs without straining your budget or relationship. Here are 5 gifts he’ll enjoy even after you leave for college.

1.  A Magnifying Glass

…the “must have” accessory for reading fine print on student loan forms, room deposit contract, and aspirin bottle.

2.  Text Messaging Lessons

…because college students rarely answer phones or emails.

3.  Your Facebook Password

…for those times you don’t answer his text message.

4.   A New Comforter

…let’s face it, in about 9 weeks, your room’s the guest room.

5.   A Rescue Puppy

…he’ll need something else to photograph and keep him up at night.

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