Uncovering College Budget-Busters

Article posted on Wednesday, July, 20th, 2011 at 12:55 pm by Dr. Nancy Berk   (2 comments)

Today, one of USA Today’s front page headlines seemed tailor-made for the College Bound Blog. In his feature “College cuts get ‘C’ for creativity”, Oliver St. John uncovered some surprising and unique budget cuts crossing some campuses this year. Among them: eliminating office phone lines for professors, asking professors to take out their own trash, and making students pay for their own printing. As a former full-time professor, I’m okay with emptying my trash and limiting phone time. And as the parent of college kids, I’m fine with paying for paper and ink. Here are a few more creative suggestions to help universities save a few bucks…

1. Cancel a course or two. I know college is supposed to be fun, but will “The History of Blue Bubblegum” or “The Rise and Fall of Charlie Sheen” really give my kid an edge?

2. Cut the printing costs for admission materials. Use the 4-point font from the tuition and financial aid section throughout the entire brochure. This should save at least 4 pages.

3. Decrease your photography budget. Eliminate those pricey outdoor shots of the happy cross-section of students sitting in the grass on a sunny day with an engaging professor. It’s a nice touch, but after awhile every college admission brochure looks the same.

4. Stop building. Consider following your outdoor photo concept and hold more classes outside. Students and professors seem really happy.

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