Getting Justin Bieber College-Ready

Article posted on Saturday, January, 7th, 2012 at 4:44 pm by Dr. Nancy Berk   (9 comments)

Even millionaire pop stars consider college, so this week I’ve fired off some tips for Justin Bieber’s mom via The Huffington Post. Parenting college-bound teens is a challenge, but coaxing a teen off of his tour bus to tour a college campus has to be impossible. Read more here.


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  • Sugarloco – Jenny

    HAHAH!  LOVE it!

  • ParkerMama

    I have two in college.  They’re working their way through…just like their big sister did.  We help a bit, but for the most part they do it themselves. 

  • You’ve obviously done a great job! People and kids value what they pay for!

  • Thanks Jenny!!

  • I’m really glad to have found you when I did…we’re preparing for our first child to start college (first day is Monday!! am I more nervous than he is??), he’ll be attending a local community college. I’m enjoying lots of your posts and articles….love your humor.

  • Funny!  I suppose I’ll be looking for tips for a college bound any-child-actor-from-“Jesse” to guide me in a few years.

  • I love it! All good advice, but so much more fun to imagine Justin Bieber (and his hair) making these decisions.

  • Oh yeah, WWJD would take on new meaning–What Would Justin Do?

  • Thanks and good luck Brandie! It’s an eye opening experience isn’t it?

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