Stash Your Cash! Free College-Bound Resources

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The word parents crave on the college-bound journey is one they rarely hear. Sadly, “free” and “college” aren’t usually spotted in the same sentence. That’s why The College-Bound Chronicles (Episode 108) focused on free college-prep and admissions resources. Every little bit helps, and saving during the admissions process will let you stash a little cash in the tuition fund.

Below are a few of the resources that were featured in the episode. Keep listening to The College-Bound Chronicles for more free advice and resources to help your family on the quest for college. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@collegepodcast) to continue the dialogue.



1. New! Creative Site to Boost College Readiness

2. Sample Tests and Practice Questions

3. Insightful Standardized Testing Blogs

4. College Admissions from A to Z

5. Virtual Tours

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