Same School Siblings

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NYU Commencement 2011: Yankee Stadium

Most parents don’t anticipate that all of their children will have similar college-bound journeys. But some teens choose the same college as a sibling and some even choose the same career path. I can speak first hand on that experience, with one NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, Film & Television grad and one sophomore.

Because of the college admission learning curve, my sons’ choices made it a little easier on this frazzled parent. By the time #2 rolled on campus, we knew the school, the program and the locations of the admissions office, student health and parking garages. But just when I was enjoying the fact that my kids were growing up and destined to be in the same industry, the 49ers and the Ravens landed in the Super Bowl line up. Brothers vying for the same prize can wreak havoc on a parent’s psyche. Read more in my analysis for The Huffington Post.

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