‘Twas The Night Before SATs….

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It’s the night before the SAT and if you can cut the tension with a knife, you might want to watch this video. It’s an excerpt from College Bound and Gagged and a shout out to teen/parent perspectives as the test day looms. Good luck college-bound families. Take a deep breath and get some rest tonight.

The Common App: An Excerpt from College Bound and Gagged

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Photo courtesy of Amy Wickman

Over 400 institutions (488 at time of this post) participate in The Common Application. Fondly known as “The Common App,” it can help students avoid repetition in the college application process, keep track of submissions, and focus on one essay. Participating schools are bound by the philosophy and ethics of the Common App—no favoritism for school-specific essays over the Common App essay. While the Common App was meant to be calmin’, additional essay requirements are still commonplace in the world of college admissions. Hang in there; your teen will be done before you know it.

For more information, check out the Q & A Page featured on The Common Application website here. It will bring parents and students up to speed on the ins and outs of the Common App process.

More New Episodes from The College-Bound Chronicles

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Do you feel like you need a parent support group for the college-bound process? The College-Bound Chronicles is a free audio podcast for parents that will help you strategize and smile. The latest episodes tackle SAT/ACT issues, essay writing and college admissions office etiquette. Join Lian Dolan and Dr. Nancy Berk for tips, tricks and laughs on the road to higher education.

Listen to The College-Bound Chronicles here or on iTunes! Follow on Twitter @collegepodcast and Facebook.

The College-Bound Chronicles: New Podcast for Parents Tackles College Admissions Anxiety

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Listen to The College-Bound Chronicles here or on iTunes! Follow on Twitter @collegepodcast and Facebook.

The college-bound journey is often a family affair. That’s why I’ve teamed up with award-winning broadcaster and mom-in-the-trenches Lian Dolan for a cutting edge podcast that showcases what parents want to know.

The College-Bound Chronicles is a free podcast series for parents who are preparing for their children’s college search and admission. Each show tackles common parent dilemmas while offering strategy, take away tips, and more than a few laughs. Join us as I help Lian, host of the popular Chaos Chronicles and Satellite Sisters and mom of a high school senior (!), get through the stress and confusion of this familiar family milestone.


Cashing in on College Campuses

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This month I’ve done a lot of talking about college kids, dorm decorating and cash drains. And while parents can go financially overboard trying to keep kids happy or ease their own separation anxiety, there are also plenty of businesses ready to jump in and make it easier for college students.

Some options are more costly than others. Some, but certainly not all, seem frivolous. The Wall Street Journal’s Rachel Ensign spoke with me about these college “perks” and offered an interesting financial analysis of the options. Should your child hire a laundry service or do it himself? Find out more here….

Pack-to-School: Loaded Down for Dorm Drop Off

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It’s that time again—back-to-school spending, scrambling and strategizing. And for those families who traded in their minivans, move-in logistics can be challenging.

College may be a perfect fit, but can you fit everything your child needs (or you think he needs!) into the car and his dorm room?

New York Times’ columnist Alina Tugend wrote about back-to-college spending sprees and the move-in frenzy and gave me the opportunity to offer my two cents.

Read her Shortcuts column here.

College Wish Lists

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As summer vacation wraps and the back-to-school frenzy begins, millions of families are focusing on a different kind of college prep. While the anxiety of standardized testing has passed, another variety of college-bound anxiety surfaces as parents and students shop, sweat and scramble to become “university ready”.

Dorms and drop offs have changed since I left the quad. Foot lockers have been replaced with carts and duffles on wheels (REALLY? The geniuses couldn’t have come up with that one before 1981?), RAs have at least a dozen heavy lifting assistants for move in day and dorm hall phones have disappeared like woolly mammoth.

Looking back on my college past and anticipating our children’s college futures, I came up with two very different college wish lists for CollegeProwler.com. Read them here….


College Bound and Gagged Takes To The Air

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It’s been a fun summer for radio interviews! College Bound and Gagged has been featured on many and I’ve had the privilege of chatting with some wonderful hosts about the college-bound process.

From fun stories to resources and strategy, we’ve reviewed the journey toward higher education and illustrated that while your child should drive the process, this event is often a family affair.

Find out more on The WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin and on Jim Higley’s Bobblehead Dad Radio.



Savvy Summers: Siblings to the Rescue

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Summer time can have it’s stressful moments. And when teens shift into the “I’m so bored” phase, tension can build. There’s nothing wrong with bringing in reinforcements to help this often tricky situation.

This week, I gave Savvy Auntie some aunt (and uncle) suggestions to keep college-bound teens happy and constructive this summer. The road to higher education is a family affair these days, and, face it, most parents could use a little break. Read more here….

College-Bound Tips From The Home Front

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In approximately two months, millions of students will be shuffling back to campus. Some are seasoned college students, others are novices in need of a little guidance. Either way, a few tips from home can’t hurt.

Last week, I gave Zinch.com some motherly advice for college-bound kids. If you want to save calories, clothes, and your sanity, read more here….

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