Kathryn Leigh Scott

Talking Dark Shadows, Multitasking, Novel Writing and ‘September Girl’ with Kathryn Leigh Scott – Episode 479

Actor, publisher, and writer Kathryn Leigh Scott joins Nancy for another dose of Halloween as they discuss the longstanding popularity of cult classic show Dark Shadows. Plus Kathryn shares the story behind her new novel September Girl, her strategy for balancing projects, and tips for book writing and jumpstarting your own fiction project.

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And listen to this episode’s takeaway tip on productivity.

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Whine At 9 Classic: Dark Shadows’ Kathryn Leigh Scott – Episode 225

Happy Halloween! Back by popular demand, is our 2013 episode featuring the woman behind Josette DuPres– one of the most beloved characters from the cult favorite Dark Shadows. Listen to Kathryn Leigh Scott share stories from Collinwood and beyond. You can find out more about the actress, author, and publisher here and in Nancy’s online column Showbiz Analysis for Parade Magazine.

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