Dr. Nancy Berk

A stand-up psychologist highlighting insights, life lessons, and laughs in an entertaining world

A stand-up psychologist highlighting insights, life lessons, and laughs in an entertaining world

Dr. Nancy Berk

Entertainment Analyzed

Entertainment doesn’t have to be meaningless or empty. Exploring great content and opportunities can make a difference in our own success stories if we learn from the experiences. Add more positive entertainment and insight to your world — read the blog and listen to the podcast and interviews.

The Stories:
Entertainment and Beyond

Read the interviews, get Nancy’s take on the world of entertainment, find interesting avenues to explore, and grab navigation tips for creative success, productivity, and travel adventures.

The Podcast:
Entertaining Insights

Listen to the podcast for laughs, creative strategic insights, celebrity conversation, and entertainment-driven travel ideas. It’s the show that helps you create your most positive, fun and productive to-do lists.

The Comedy:
Quilting Comedy etc.

Find out what’s happening in the world of comedy. From upcoming shows and humor essays to ideas for adding more positive humor in your world, read the latest and laugh more.

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About Dr. Nancy Berk

Armed with a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University and the skills of a therapist, professor and researcher, clinical psychologist Dr. Nancy Berk has woven her traditional training into an entertainment-based career that has put her behind-the-scenes and on the stage. Wielding a unique style of thought-provoking written and performance humor, she has an award-winning magazine column, a popular entertainment podcast featuring celebrity interviews, a book with a feature film cameo, and a brand new stand-up comedy tour. Whatever the project, Nancy’s mission is to connect with audiences to generate insight, laughter, and a little bit of strategy. // READ MORE

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