Dr. Nancy Berk connects with people by pairing her award-winning humor and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. As a stand-up, her comedy is smart and insightful, spiked with unique analyses and driven by the skills she acquired as a lecturing professor trying to hold the attention of a few disinterested college students. This ability to tailor comedy to a specific demographic has led to her specialized shows and appearances, most recently her Quilting Comedy Tour ― a show she designed to capture the nuances, talent, and humor that surrounds quilters and their uniquely creative community.

A finalist in the 2016 Stand-Up Pittsburgh comedy competition, Nancy’s national stand-up and keynote/speaking engagements include TEDx, the American Marketing Association, Women’s Summit, the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, Wendy Liebman’s Locally Grown Comedy, and the International Ventriloquism Convention.

Television, radio, stage, or meeting venue, her skills and understanding of audience dynamics help create a memorable event.
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Judy Gold Talks Stand-Up, Comedy History, Sexism, Free Speech, and Cancel Culture – Episode 570

Comedian and actor Judy Gold joins Nancy to talk about her comedy career and influences, her book Yes I Can Say That: When They Come For The Comedians, We Are All In Trouble, and freedom of speech and what cancel culture means for comedians and the future of comedy. Plus, Nancy and Judy discuss women and sexism in the industry, growing up tall, and standing up to the bullies in life.

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Tom Papa Talks Stand-Up, Writing, Headlining Vegas, and Comedy Multitasking, Plus Nancy’s Latest Humor Column – Episode 567

Tom Papa joins Nancy to talk about his creative process, stand-up life, and writing and creating your own material and opportunities. Plus, Tom discusses comedy today, his next Netflix special and headlining Wynn Las Vegas. And Nancy dives into kitchen junk drawers via her latest magazine humor column.

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Monica Piper Talks Stand-up, ‘Rugrats’, Comedy Writing and Single Parenting, Plus Art Tips for Parents, Teachers and Kids – Episode 523

Emmy Award-winning comedy writer Monica Piper joins Nancy to discuss her one-woman play ‘Not That Jewish’ and her comedy journey from childhood influences to her career and work as an English teacher, stand-up comedian and sitcom writer. Plus, visual artist Sarah West discusses her art advocacy work with children, families, and educators and…

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Julia Scotti Talks Comedy Specials, ‘America’s Got Talent’, and The Power of Honesty and Age, Plus Advice for Stand-Up Beginners – Episode 502

Comedian Julia Scotti joins Nancy to discuss age and gender in the comedy world, her Showtime special ‘More Funny Women of a Certain Age’, and her career journey—including the experience of becoming a quarter finalist and fan favorite on Season 11 of ‘America’s Got Talent’ and the impact of revealing her personal story of becoming a woman of transgendered experience via the primetime stage. Plus,

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Alan Zweibel Talks Comedy Writing, ‘Laugh Lines’, and Helping Funny People Be Funnier – Episode 499

Emmy Award winner Alan Zweibel joins Nancy to discuss his incredible comedy journey from teenage joke writer to legendary television comedy writer (Saturday Night Live, It’s Garry Shandling’s Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm), screenwriter, and best-selling author, his new memoir Laugh Lines, and life lessons from decades of comedy collaboration.

Plus, Nancy shares her magazine humor column on RV travel which has her rethinking everything…

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Tammy Pescatelli Talks Comedy Specials, Life Stages, and Success, Plus Expert Advice for Performers and Venues – Episode 497

Comedy veteran Tammy Pescatelli joins Nancy to discuss her career journey, new solo special Tammy Pescatelli’s Way After School Special, Showtime’s More Funny Women of a Certain Age, the changing face of comedy and..

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