Alya Talks Music, Storytelling, and Philanthropy, Plus Craig Carlson on Pancakes with Emily in Paris – Episode 564

Singer, songwriter, philanthropist, and journalist Alya Michelson joins Nancy to talk about her music, career journey, immigration from Russia, and creating positive change in the world. Plus Alya discusses the inspiration behind her new single “Pleasure is Mine” (1:10).

In the second segment, Nancy discusses the Netflix series Emily in Paris and the challenges of building a business in a new country with author and Breakfast in America restauranteur Craig Carlson, whose restaurant was part of Season 2 of the popular series (25:53).

Find more Alya music.

Watch Alya’s “American Beauty” Music Video.

Find out more about Alya’s philanthropic work.

Read Craig Carlson’s books: Pancakes in Paris and Let Them Eat Pancakes.

Visit Nancy’s website.

Learn about segment sponsor (1:01, 25:48).

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