Blending self-help with humor, Nancy’s writing style informs but also conveys the power of laughter in learning. A former full-time professor, she knows how to make a point and keep the reader engaged. Read more about her books and essays below.

College Bound And Gagged

How to Help Your Kid Get into a Great College without Losing Your Savings, Your Relationship, or Your Mind

Is your parental anxiety climbing as your child gets closer to college? Are you sweating the SAT more than your kid? Do you fear a teen’s college selections might be based on a great cheese steak and cute campus tour guide? Let’s face it, parenting and college admission is a hot topic right now. It’s important to keep your priorities straight, get some solid, ethical advice, and find a few laughs.

College Bound and Gagged is the straight-talking survival guide for anyone who needs to rein in their high school student or the crazy process. Whether it’s time to buckle down or calm down, this book will give you the tips, insight, and humor you need to nurture student success, preserve family resources, and maximize relationships.

You can catch a glimpse of College Bound and Gagged in the feature film Admission starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd.

What They're Saying

This book is a great college companion written in a language we really understand - by a parent, for parents! College Bound and Gagged is a helpful and humorous resource that can aid in the college search process.
A leading college search site
If you're the stressed out parent of a college bound teen, Dr Nancy Berk has the perfect prescription. You'll learn, you'll laugh and you will survive brilliantly with her smart tips, shortcuts and stress busting ideas. Nancy is your one stop college therapist!
Mary Lou Quinlan
CEO, Just Ask A Woman
What's been missing among the guides on surviving the college admissions process has been humor. Nancy Berk, Ph.D., helps you laugh your way through the process with terrific resources and tips for parenting. It's like having a comic with credentials in your corner.
Z. Kelly Queijo
Founder, Smart College Visit, Inc.
Many Savvy Aunties invest in their nieces' and nephews' college savings plans so we're invested in their future and almost as anxious and proud as their parents. Nancy Berk's guide will help us cope - and help us help their parents cope too!
Melanie Notkin
Author, Savvy Auntie
Dr. Berk perfectly captures the angst and frustration of the college application process in a hilarious and truth-telling book that is chock full of practical advice.
Elizabeth Scarborough
CEO, SimpsonScarborough
The process of finding a college for your no-longer-little one is enough to make any parent ill. Now humorist / psychologist / blogger Nancy Berk, PhD, has come up with a handy book that guides you through all the big and small bumps in the road. Throughout, Berk sticks to one important axiom: If you want to keep your sanity, laughter is the best medicine.
Nancy Stedman
Deputy Editor, Health, MORE Magazine

Secrets of a Bar Mitzvah Mom

Mix religion, personal preferences, countless guests, and raging hormones and you have the makings for chaos. Secrets of a Bar Mitzvah Mom is a humorous review and self-help resource for Jewish and non-Jewish family and friends. From religious school carpools to the just-in-the-nick-of-time home renovation, this book takes you down the winding road of the bar mitzvah parent and provides tips and tactics for strategizing, organizing, and streamlining your overloaded life.

Written in 2005, this short take on a special religious milestone continues to ring true and serve as a reminder of the details and discoveries that surprise, shock, and delight us. Technology has changed since 2005, but those family dynamics and adolescent attitudes are here to stay.

What They're Saying

Full of down-to-earth advice and amusing observations about how to plan and to get through this special celebration… For those in the planning stage, spend your first dollar on this book.
Pittsburgh Magazine
An authoritative guide on the adventurous bar mitvah path, from date-setting to table-settings through gift-getting, all with minimized fretting. That’s because (Berk) has been there and survived to tell the tale with practicality as well as wit.
Texas Jewish Post

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Nancy’s essays appear in these Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Check them out and enjoy 100 other stories by different writers in each book. Chicken Soup for the Soul offers something for everyone. Laughs. Inspiration. Encouragement.