Karamo Talks Self-Esteem, Self-Reflection, Health, Headaches, and The Power of ‘Queer Eye,’ Plus New Year’s Resolutions and Goal Setting with Mary Lou Quinlan – Episode 531

Karamo joins Nancy to discuss the importance of self-focus and self-care, how being one of the hosts of Netflix’s Queer Eye has allowed him to help others and better understand himself, and why he has chosen to discuss his struggle with migraine headaches to help educate others (1:26). Plus, Nancy corners Karamo to find out if her loved one’s fanny pack is a fashion do or don’t.

And Nancy talks New Year’s resolutions, practical goal-setting, building better habits, cutting yourself a break and finding your strengths with women’s marketing expert, actress and author Mary Lou Quinlan (18:03).

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Learn about segment sponsor the Finding Brave podcast with host Kathy Caprino (1:04,17:52).

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