Kent LaVoie Talks Lobo, Songwriting, and Me and You and A Dog Named Boo, Plus Lian Dolan on Novels and Lost and Found in Paris – Episode 566

Kent LaVoie, best known as singer/songwriter Lobo, joins Nancy to talk about his music career, writing love songs, his hit songs including “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo,” and the importance of believability in songs. Plus, Kent discusses finding love, his love of privacy, new albums, and the real story behind that dog named Boo (1:07).

In the second segment, Nancy discusses writing, deadlines, discipline, book deals, and the novel Lost and Found in Paris with the author—novelist and podcaster Lian Dolan (34:24).

Listen to Lobo’s new digital albums released by Time Life: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Faithful, If I Could Do It Over: The Acoustic Hits, Timeless: The Very Best

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Read an excerpt from Lost and Found in Paris

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Visit Nancy’s website.

Learn about segment sponsor (:59, 34:17).

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