Paul Petersen Talks ‘The Donna Reed Show’, Growing Up in Hollywood, and Child Advocacy – Episode 498

Actor and child advocate Paul Petersen joins Nancy to discuss Hollywood, his childhood role on the iconic sitcom The Donna Reed Show, his latest book celebrating the television show’s 60th anniversary, The Donna Reed Show: A Pictorial Memoir, and his work to protect children in the arts (1:30).

Plus, Nancy talks about using retro television shows and great memories to generate a little positive energy (29:47).

Get more information about Paul’s book The Donna Reed Show: A Pictorial Memoir.

Find out more about A Minor Consideration, the non-profit founded by Paul Petersen to support young performers in the arts and help guide their families.

Watch The Donna Reed Show on Prime Video.

Find out more about segment sponsor the Finding Brave podcast (1:10, 29:35).

Visit Nancy’s website.

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