P.J. Pacifico Talks Music, Songwriting and Television, and The Power of Creative Shifts, Plus Documentary Filmmaker Chris Hudson Zooms In On The Andy Griffith Show – Episode 554

Singer and songwriter P.J. Pacifico joins Nancy to talk about his music journey, writing music for television, performing, and returning to his solo roots with the single “Every Little Heartbreak” (1:01). P.J. and Nancy also discuss the process of writing for others and its positive impact on developing skillsets and writing solo projects.

In the second segment, producer/director Chris Hudson discusses the beloved television classic The Andy Griffith Show, its fascinating history, life lessons, dedicated fanbase, and his documentary The Mayberry Effect (25:42).

Watch P.J. Pacifico’s music video for “Every Little Heartbreak.”

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Watch The Mayberry Effect official trailer.

Watch The Mayberry Effect on Amazon Prime Video.

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