Entertaining Insights

Entertaining Insights (formerly Whine At 9) is the podcast that highlights life lessons, laughs, and entertainment. Join host Dr. Nancy Berk and her celebrity and expert guests as they discuss their fascinating journeys and insights. Nancy’s ability to build genuine conversations with showbiz icons has made her show a popular landing place for Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy Award winners and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. Packed with powerful advice, simple suggestions, and a dose of humor, Entertaining Insights will help you create your most positive, fun, and productive to-do lists.

Check out and listen to recent episodes below.

Peter Mehlman Talks Seinfeld, Novels, and Double-Dipping, Plus The Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum’s Phil Sklar – Episode 544

Peter Mehlman joins Nancy to discuss his career from journalist to longtime writer and producer of ‘Seinfeld’, the unique writing experience, the story behind George’s double-dipping episode, and the popularity of “Yada Yada Yada.” Plus, Peter talks about writing beyond ‘Seinfeld’, his novel #MeAsWell, comedy and creativity, and advice for writers. In the second segment, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum’s Phil Sklar…

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Lauren Daigle Talks Music, Authenticity, Community, and ‘Hold On To Me’, Plus Jonas Myrin on Creative Productivity – Episode 543

Grammy-winning hit maker Lauren Daigle joins Nancy to discuss her career, the impact of others on her songwriting, the power of humor, her love of community, and the new music video Hold On To Me.
In the second segment, Grammy winner and singer/songwriter Jonas Myrin shares his secrets for creative inspiration that have helped inspire “For The Ones We Love.”

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Jamie Little Talks NASCAR, Competition, Making Motor Sports History, and Taking on Challenges, Plus Behind The Scenes of Entertainment with Talent Agent Robyn Stetcher – Episode 542

NASCAR pit reporter Jamie Little joins Nancy to discuss her extraordinary career in motor sports, breaking the glass ceiling for women broadcasters in racing, and landing in the Netflix series ‘The Crew’. Plus, Robyn Stetcher discusses her entertainment journey, love of storytelling, and new memoir…

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Jerry Mathers Talks Classic TV, Leave It To Beaver, Life Beyond The Show, and His Role in Diabetes Awareness, Plus Filming on Location with Pittsburgh Film Office’s Dawn Keezer – Episode 541

Jerry Mathers joins Nancy to discuss his childhood role as Beaver Cleaver in the beloved series ‘Leave It to Beaver,’ life behind the scenes, and working on Broadway and beyond. Plus, filming on location and getting your house on the big screen with Dawn Keezer, director of the Pittsburgh Film Office…

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Candice Night Talks Family, Renaissance Rock, Renaissance Fairs and Blackmore’s Night, Plus Behind The Scenes of PEZ Candy and Collecting with Shawn Peterson – Episode 540

Singer/songwriter Candice Night joins Nancy to discuss ‘Nature’s Light’, the latest album from Renaissance rock band Blackmore’s Night featuring Night and husband, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ritchie Blackmore, creative inspiration, family stories, and Renaissance fairs. Plus, Nancy talks with PEZ candy expert and insider Shawn Peterson about…

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The Bellamy Brothers Talk Hit Music, Honky Tonk Ranch, and No Country Music for Old Men, Plus Opry Legend Jim Ed Brown’s Daughter Kim Corwin on Her Mom’s Memoir – Episode 539

Howard and David Bellamy, the Bellamy Brothers, join Nancy to discuss their unusual music journey in pop and country, their #1 hit “Let Your Love Flow”, their reality series ‘Honky Tonk Ranch’ and new music video ‘No Country Music for Old Men’ featuring John Anderson. Plus, Kim Corwin, daughter of author Becky Perry Brown and Grand Ole Opry legend Jim Ed Brown, discusses…

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