Entertaining Insights

Entertaining Insights (formerly Whine At 9) is the podcast that highlights life lessons, laughs, and entertainment. Join host Dr. Nancy Berk and her celebrity and expert guests as they discuss their fascinating journeys and insights. Nancy’s ability to build genuine conversations with showbiz icons has made her show a popular landing place for Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy Award winners and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. Packed with powerful advice, simple suggestions, and a dose of humor, Entertaining Insights will help you create your most positive, fun, and productive to-do lists.

Check out and listen to recent episodes below.

Kathy Kinney Talks Creativity, Crafting, Confidence, Mimi, and The Drew Carey Show, Plus Cindy Ratzlaff on Loss, Coping, and The Power of Small Steps – Episode 549

Actress, producer, and creator Kathy Kinney joins Nancy to discuss creative projects and life lessons during the pandemic, choosing to live a creative life, finding ...
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Stella Parton Talks Confidence, Country Music, Dreams and Determination, Cooking, and Tennessee Travel – Episode 548

Singer, songwriter, producer and actress Stella Parton joins Nancy to discuss her journey in the music business and beyond, her 40th album 'Survivor', and the ...
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Timmy Brown Talks Country Music, Songwriting, Grandparents, and Moving to Nashville, Plus Lights and Laughter – Episode 547

Rising country music artist Timmy Brown joins Nancy to discuss his grandmother and the family inspiration behind his song “If You Were Here,” his new ...
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Noel Paul Stookey Talks Just Causes, Folk Music, Positive Change, and Peter, Paul and Mary, Plus Podcast Insights with Dave Jackson – Episode 546

Peter, Paul and Mary’s Noel Paul Stookey joins Nancy to discuss the inspiration behind his new album 'Just Causes,' the social concern and charities related ...
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Jonas Myrin Talks Music Videos, Inspiration, and The Power of Music, Plus Jaclyn Betham on Ballet and Acting – Episode 545

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Jonas Myrin joins Nancy to discuss the process and inspiration behind the music and music video for his single “For The Ones We ...
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Peter Mehlman Talks Seinfeld, Novels, and Double-Dipping, Plus The Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum’s Phil Sklar – Episode 544

Peter Mehlman joins Nancy to discuss his career from journalist to longtime writer and producer of 'Seinfeld', the unique writing experience, the story behind George’s ...
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