Roslyn Kind Talks Showbiz – Episode 128

Multi-talented entertainer Roslyn Kind joins Nancy to talk about her career in music, theater and television and this month’s tour with her sister Barbra Streisand. Read more about Roslyn Kind in Showbiz Analysis, Nancy’s online column for Parade Magazine.

2 thoughts on “Roslyn Kind Talks Showbiz – Episode 128”

  1. Thank you soooo much for this FANTASTIC interview with Roslyn! I am without a doubt her BIGGEST FAN on the planet, and have traveled all over the country and the world to hear her sing LIVE whenever and wherever she performs! She is just BEYOND INCREDIBLE and each and every time I get to see her, she absolutely blows me away – so much so, that I can’t wait until I can make my reservations to see her again no matter how far I have to travel! She is SO worth the trip! I just got back from seeing her perform in Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin, and Tel Aviv Israel as I am also her sister’s and nephew’s biggest fans as well…. WHAT A FAMILY!!!!! Needless to say, it was the most INCREDIBLE experience of my entire life! Seeing them all on tour together has been my lifelong dream and being there with them meant more than ANYTHING in the WORLD to me! The minute I got home I checked out her website to see when and where she will be next, and I’m making my reservations as we speak!
    I just wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful interview! It totally made my day!!!! I hope to see you at one of Roslyn’s upcoming shows! Once you see one, you’ll be hooked for life like me!!!! Thank you again Nancy!

  2. Thank you Robin! Roslyn is so talented. We were thrilled to have her on the show. So glad you enjoyed the interview!

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