On The Road With Quilting Comedy

June 2019 has been a busy month with the kick off of The Quilting Comedy Show. The Shipshewana Quilt Festival, an amazing event showcasing the art of quilting and the incredible talent of so many, was the perfect place to launch. Special thanks to the show organizers for listening to my pitch and taking a chance on the concept that– as I warned, had the potential to create a buzz and build an evening that quilters would embrace. And it happened! Thanks to the welcoming and generous audience who sold out the first show in record-breaking time and proved that Quilting Comedy hit exactly the right chord. Watch for upcoming shows in your city. To book Quilting Comedy with Dr. Nancy Berk and an evening of original, clean, quilt-driven material, or for more show information, contact me.

2 thoughts on “On The Road With Quilting Comedy”

  1. My friend lives in Shipshewana and saw your show and couldn’t have given you a better recommendation. Are you from Ohio? A group of us have quilt retreats and i’d Like to pass on your name to our coordinator.

  2. Thank you, Michele. Please feel free to share our website/contact page link with your friends. Nancy is performing around the country and will be in the tri-state area this fall and winter.

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