Randolph Mantooth Talks Showbiz – Episode 134

Actor Randolph Mantooth joins Nancy to talk about his career including the role of firefighter/paramedic Johnny Gage in NBC’s hit show Emergency! and his work with fire and EMS organizations around the country. Read more in Nancy’s online column Showbiz Analysis for Parade Magazine.

10 thoughts on “Randolph Mantooth Talks Showbiz – Episode 134”

  1. I really enjoyed the interview with Randy. Any possibility of interview with Kevin Tighe?Would be nice to see him up here in Alberta, Canada, like Medicine Hat, Calgary, High River where flooding happened a month ago. A sorry sight.

  2. Great interview with Randy Mantooth! I was one of the many who were ‘glued’ to their TV sets in the 70’s, watching every episode of “Emergency!” ~ I am so glad to hear he is STILL active with Fire and EMS organizations – he’s been an awesome spokesman and advocate. ~ Thank you to both Randy & Dr. Berk for sharing this. ~d~

  3. What an amazing interview with such a wonderful man! Randy and Kevin have inspired so many people around the world, including myself. I’m only 22 years old but I’m chasing my dream to become a paramedic. Thank you so much for amazing interview, Nancy!

  4. Great interview. Learned stuff I didn’t know. I am a big “Emergency” fan, have all seasons on DVD and watch it on MeTv. My uncle was a NY firefighter many years ago and he still holds that profession dear to his heart. Randy does fabulous work for firefighters around the country.

  5. virginia arango

    Hi My name is Virginia. I liked your podcast with Randy Mantooth. My Doctor who I had in Miami started the Paramedic all across the United states. . When A doctor heard about it in LA then they started it htere.

  6. Thanks everyone. We’ll try to get Kevin Tighe down the road for an episode. Randy is an amazing actor and humanitarian. We loved working with him on this episode.

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