Livingston Taylor Talks Music, Performance, and Being Back on The Road, Plus Mary Lou Quinlan on Social Interactions and Bouncing Back – Episode 550

Singer, songwriter, and professor Livingston Taylor joins Nancy to discuss creativity, performance, stepping back into tour mode, and the power of live interactions. In the second segment, New York Times bestselling author, actress, and marketing expert Mary Lou Quinlan and Nancy review challenges, changes, hits and misses as we return to our more social selves.

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Noel Paul Stookey Talks Just Causes, Folk Music, Positive Change, and Peter, Paul and Mary, Plus Podcast Insights with Dave Jackson – Episode 546

Peter, Paul and Mary’s Noel Paul Stookey joins Nancy to discuss the inspiration behind his new album ‘Just Causes,’ the social concern and charities related to each track, and the power of folk music to create positive change. Plus, Hall of Fame podcaster Dave Jackson discusses podcast popularity, listening strategies, and his new book.

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Jonas Myrin Talks Music Videos, Inspiration, and The Power of Music, Plus Jaclyn Betham on Ballet and Acting – Episode 545

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Jonas Myrin joins Nancy to discuss the process and inspiration behind the music and music video for his single “For The Ones We Love,” motivation in music, and finding collaborative opportunities and perspectives that build meaningful music. Plus, actress and ballet dancer Jaclyn Betham shares her experience of being featured on the ‘For The Ones We Love’ music video and her career journey in television and dance.

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