Talking Dark Shadows, Multitasking, Novel Writing and ‘September Girl’ with Kathryn Leigh Scott – Episode 479

Actor, publisher, and writer Kathryn Leigh Scott (1:57) joins Nancy for another dose of Halloween as they discuss the longstanding popularity of cult classic show Dark Shadows. Plus Kathryn shares the story behind her new novel September Girl, her strategy for balancing projects, and tips for book writing and jumpstarting your own fiction project. (24:47)

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And listen to this episode’s takeaway tip on productivity. (34:17)

7 thoughts on “Talking Dark Shadows, Multitasking, Novel Writing and ‘September Girl’ with Kathryn Leigh Scott – Episode 479”

  1. I’m so glad you talked with Kathryn Leigh Scott. I’ve been a fan for years. She’s so direct, entertaining and… literate! Listening to this episode right now, and am subscribing!

  2. I forgot to mention that, another thing I love about Ms. Scott is that she is never hesitant to discuss Dark Shadows, no matter how many other performances she’s had, and no matter how many projects she is involved with. Looking forward to reading her newest book.

  3. Thanks, Chris! Kathryn is incredible. And there is something amazing about how she juggles everything while also staying loyal to Dark Shadows and DS fans. Thanks so much for subscribing and let us know your thoughts and suggestions on other episodes/future episodes as well if you’re game. Always super-helpful. ~nancy

  4. Your interview with Kathryn Leigh Scott was fabulous! Her mind “romps like the mind of God”. (The Great Gatsby). Two stunning truths emerged that I, as a writer, recognize well. That when you write, events, attitudes, emotions, unacknowledged losses and joys, emerge from your subconscious that you thought you had buried. And, secondly, though people frequently say brilliant people are disorganized, I think Kathryn is right, “being focused and organized” is absolutely essential to liberate the dark forces in the subconscious that lead to brilliant writing. Thank you Dr. Berk for interviewing this gracious, extremely insightful actress and writer. I have just ordered “September Girl” and so look forward to reading it.

  5. Thanks for listening and for commenting, Sharon. We love Kathryn. Let us know how you like the book. And any feedback on the show is always appreciated. Best wishes. ~nancy

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